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John Quinn, Coordinator, 1985

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Prescott - 1985: (pop. 4,670): Each year, more than 100,000 tourists leave Highway 401 to visit Prescott. Nearby Fort Wellington is one draw. Others could include a revitalized downtown and improved waterfront. Coordinator: John Quinn, 360 Dibble St. W., Prescott, Ont., KOE lT0 (613) 525-2812. Main Street Newsletter Sept/Oct. 1985, Vol.1, No.4

Prescott - 1985: "Owners of downtown buildings are keen to rent street-level space," says John Quinn, " but are not aggressive enough when it comes to renting upper storeys. More attention should be paid to the upper floors." Quinn, the Main Street co-ordinator in Prescott, Ont. , has decided his office will practice what he preaches. He recently moved into an office on the second floor of an historic commercial block at the northeast corner of King and Centre Streets. "People here are beginning to realize the value of renting space downtown. But it's still slow. There are a lot of empty upper rooms. I want to demonstrate how viable these places can be. Owners must go out and look for tenants." Main Street Newsletter Sept/Oct. 1985, Vol.1, No.5

Prescott, Ont. - 1986: The store window is a merchant's round-the-clock advertiser., says long-time Main Street consultant Stuart Lazear. Stuart, his father, Arthur, and sister, Ellen Gelman, (who have a combined 50-years' experience in window display) and Main Street assistant director Hans Honegger were in town to help local merchants discuss display strategies. "We learned a lot", says Main Street co-ordinator John Quinn. "The slide show, the mannequin dressing, the props, the use of signage, the various techniques. They all got us thinking in terms of improved window displays." Main Street Canada Newsletter, May/June, 1986, Vol.2, No.3

Prescott -1986: In keeping with a Main Street Canada resource team recommendation, the town's Business Improvement Area recently increased i t s membership dramatically, jumping from 82 participants to 145. The Business Improvement Area now coincides with the Plain Street Canada area. Main Street Canada Newsletter, Nov. /Dec. 1986, Vol.2, No.6.

Prescott 1986-01 - (4670 hab.): Cette ville riveraine du Saint-Laurent accueillie plus de 100 000 touristes par année, attirés notamment par la proximité du parc historique national de Fort Wellington. Elle pourrait ajouter à cet attrait un centre-ville revitalisé et améliorer sa "fenêtre sur le fleuve". Coord: John Quinn c.p. 1749, Prescott, Ont., K0E 1T0. (613) 025-5528. Rues principales, Nouvelles mars/avril 1986, No.2.

Prescott - 1987: John Quinn wrote the script for a walking tour slide show presented by the Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee at a Heritage Week meeting. Main Street Canada Newsletter, May/June 1987 Vol.3, No.3.

Prescott - 1987: A new building has been constructed on King Street. It is a two-storey brick edifice. Main Street played a role, suggesting improvements including new brickwork and better detailing for the same price. The building will be used for shops and apartments. Main Street Canada Newsletter, July/Aug 1987, Vol.3, No.4

Prescott - 1987: Quinn reports that Prescott is feeling optimistic now that the town's waterfront development has been approved. A breakwater will be built this winter, and negotiations for the construction of a hotel and adjacent marina are underway. The federal money (with no strings attached) is $1.2 million. The province's contribution (linked to hotel and other construction) is also $1.2 million. Main Street Canada Newsletter, 1987, Vol.3, No.6

Prescott - 1988: John Quinn has a lot of good news these days. For the past three months, trucks have been hauling in rock to form the new marina's breakwater. The downtown marina's $2.4 million price tag will be underwritten 50-50 by the federal and Ontario governments. Calderon Developments, meanwhile, has announced that it will up the room count of its proposed marina-side hotel to 144. The word is out that the nearby now closed Daniel's Hotel will soon be redeveloped. The Kinsmen and Rotary Clubs are adding to the marina park with a band shell and a lighthouse/history centre. Main Street Canada Newsletter, 1988, Vol.4, No.2

Prescott - 1988: John Quinn reports that in this St. Lawrence River community, a citizens' committee has been struck to organize a mural painting contest. The subject of the mural: "Miss Vanderenberg;" the ferry which carried passengers back and forth between Prescott and Ogdensburg N.Y., from 1909 to 1931. The boat, the first oil-engine craft on the Continent, was later used in Sorel, Quebec and then scrapped. The mural will be displayed at the intersection of King and Centre streets in downtown Prescott. It will be painted on plywood panels so that it can be dissembled and reassembled. The winning artist will paint the mural later this summer. Main Street Canada Newsletter, 1988, Vol.4, No.4

Prescott - 1988: John Quinn's advice when producing a Christmas promotion: position yourself differently from the malls. In previous years, downtown promotions aped the malls ' cold, promotional give-away approach. This year downtown went for atmosphere. Two downtown contests for merchants: one for the best old-fashioned Christmas decorations; the other for most hospitable merchant. Main Street Canada Newsletter, 1988, Vol.4, No.6

Prescott - 1988: John Quinn reports a neat solution to a tough design problem. A bait and tackle shop which recently took up digs in a nondescript concrete block garage wanted a more pleasant, eye catching look. The answer: a stuffed dummy fisherman and makeshift pier were placed in front of the shop which was then painted to resemble a water and sky horizon. Main Street CIRCUIT Rues principales, Aug. /Sept. 1988.




King Street W., Prescott, Ontario, 1915

King Street W., Prescott, Ontario, 1986

King Street W., Prescott, Ontario, 2010

Prescott, Ontario, 1920s

Prescott, Ontario, 1986.

Prescott, Ontario, 1986.


Prescott, Ontario, 1986

Prescott, Ontario, 1986.

Prescott, Ontario, 1986.

King Street W., Prescott, Ontario, 1986


King Street W., Prescott, Ontario, 1988.

King Street W., Prescott, Ontario, 2010.

John Quinn, Main Street Co-ordinator, Prescott, Ontario, 1988.

Stephen Lauer, Main Street Canada Regional Co-ordinator for the province of Ontario. 1988.



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