ICOMOS International Scientific
Committee on Legal, Administrative
And Financial Issues

ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on
Legal, Administrative and Financial Issues

Meeting, 18 February 2001
Ein-Bokek, Israel


The meeting of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Legal Administrative and Financial Issues was called to order by the President, Werner von Trützschler at 18:00 hours, 18 February 2001 at the Hod Hotel, Ein Bokek, Israel. The meeting followed a conference sponsored by ICOMOS Israel, the Council for the Preservation of Buildings and Historic Sites, the Israeli Committee for UNESCO, the Antiquities Authority, the Nature and natural Parks Authority, and the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport. The subject of the conference was "Legal Methods of Furthering Urban Preservation."

Members present
: Werner von Trützschler (Germany), Gideon Koren (Israel), Anne Marie Draye (Belgium), Hristina Staneva (Bulgaria), Jadran Antollovic (Croatia), Satu-Kaarina Virtala (Finalnd), Adam Arnoth (Hungary), Toshi Kono (Japan), Roberto Nuñez (Mexico), Thomas Adlercreutz (Sweden), James K. Reap (USA).

Associate members present: Arlette Verkruyssen (Belgium).

  1. Election
  2. Satu-Kaarina Virtala reported the results of the election of the committee Bureau. Ballots were sent to all members via mail or e-mail. By the deadline set for the return of theballots, 20 members had responded. The following are the vote totals:

    von Trützschler 13
    Kono 7

    Vice Presidents
    Koren 17
    Adlercreutz 15
    Staneva 11
    Antolovic 9
    Kowalski 8

    Secretary General: 
    Reap 17

    Not voting 2

    The Committee recognized the new Bureau as follows:

    President Werner von Trützschler
    Vice Presidents Gideon Koren. Thomas Adlercreutz, and Hristina Staneva
    Secretary General James Reap

    It was agreed by consensus that the Secretary General retain the ballots cast for two months after the results were published in committee minutes for examination by any committee member, after which time they would be destroyed by the Secretary General.

    Arlette Verkruyssen was unanimously elected as an Associate Member of the Committee.

  3. Committee Membership
  4. There was a general discussion as to the active members of the Committee and ways to encourage the appointment of active members from ICOMOS National Committees previously appointing members as well as from National Committees that were not represented on the Legal Committee. James Reap and Roberto Nuñez committed to contact committees in Latin America and the Caribbean. President von Trützschler agreed to make contacts through the ICOMOS Bureau and National Committees generally. Hristina Staneva agreed to contact Turkey and Thomas Adlercreutz stated he would contact Switzerland. Other members stated they would pursue possible contact they might have to solicit additional active memberships. It was agreed that this subject be addressed in a brief article on the meeting in the ICOMOS Journal and a notice placed on the ICOMOS main Web site.

  5. Committee Listserv and Web Pages
  6. James Reap reported on the activity of the listserv and Web site. He was asked to contact members who have not joined the listserv to encourage them to participate, if possible, or to provide their e-mail addresses to him in order to facilitate communication. It was agreed that the listserv be open to other interested ICOMOS members who wished to join.

    Gideon Koren asked members to e-mail the final version of their papers to him so they could be forwarded to Mr. Reap for posting on the Committee's Web site.

    Mr. Reap was asked to see if a counter is available for the web pages so access to the site can be ascertained.

    Members were requested to send Mr. Reap links to the cultural resources laws of their countries for linkage to the Committee's Web site. Where possible links to translations in the Committee's official languages are also requested. If there is not an available line, but the laws are in electronic form, they may also be sent to Mr. Reap. Anne Marie Draye agreed to check on the availability of the translations from the Council of Europe.

  7. Publications
  8. President von Trützschler reported that María Rosa Suárez-Inclán Ducassi (Spain) had requested, and he had written and transmitted, a forward for the publication of papers submitted at the Toledo Conference. He had received no possible publication date.

    Jadran Antolovic stated that he is seeking money to publish the papers from the conference in Croatia and that it will take about four months to prepare them for publication.

    Gideon Koren will determine if other ICOMOS resources are available to assist with publications.

  9. Amendment of Statutes
  10. The President asked if anyone wished to suggest amendments to the statutes of the Committee. None were submitted.

  11. Future Meetings
  12. James Reap extended an invitation to the Committee to meet in Athens, Georgia (USA) in 2002, contingent on raising sufficient funds to host the meeting. Proposed dates are April 3-6. The Committee encouraged participation in the conference by professionals from the host country as well as university students interested in the subject matter. The Committee further requested that the topic not focus on economic incentives, since that had been the primary focus of the previous two conferences. Suggestions of possible topics for the 2002 or future conferences included: preservation education (primarily focusing on legal education); what resources we designate and the result of that designation.

    Regarding the Committee's possible participation in the next General Assembly scheduled for Zimbabwe in 2002, the President agreed to stay in contact with the ICOMOS President, Michael Petzet, and monitor the situation, reporting back to the Committee on any developments.

    The following members expressed an interest in hosting future meetings:

    Bulgaria 2003
    Japan 2004
    Belgium Future meeting
    Sweden Future meeting

  13. Other Business

Satu-Kaarina Virtala brought the Committee greetings from the ICOMOS President, Michael Petzet.

There being no further business, the meeting of the Committee was adjourned by the President.

Respectfully submitted,

James K. Reap, Secretary General         Werner von Trützschler, President

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