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The International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM) advises ICOMOS and the World Heritage Committee on matters that pertain to all aspects of the management of archaeological sites and landscapes. These include formulating and propagating standards and best practices for both archaeological research and cultural resource management. Read more about ICAHM.

(ICAHM is an ICOMOS Scientific Committee. To visit the ICOMOS website, click here.)

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Members of ICAHM and those who wish to join or continue as members should complete the membership form and send via email to Ian Lilley at ian.lilley@icahm.icomos.org, or via mail to Douglas Comer, CSRM, 2113 St. Paul Street, 1st Floor, Baltimore, MD 21218 USA, or by fax at +1-410-244-6324.

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11.23.15 - ICAHM to Participate in the IEREK Conference. ICAHM President Douglas C. Comer will participate in the 2015 IEREK Conference, Conservation of Architectural Heritage, held betrween November 23rd and 27th 2015 at Luxor and Aswan, Egypt. The conference will bring together university researchers, heritage professionals, and policy makers for a discussion of the most pressing issues concerning the conservation of archaeological, architectural and urban landscapes. The attendees will discuss current and needed multi-disciplinary research on heritage sites, ranging from archaeological ruins to historical architecture and centers. The course will be held aboard a boat on the Nile, which will stop at key Egyptian sites where the issues to be discussed in the course can be seen first-hand.

  Dr. Comer and Prof. Dr. Willems

10.20.14 - The 2014 ICAHM Annual Conference, "Universal Standards for Archaeological Heritage Management", will be held in Jishou, China on October 20-23, 2014. The goal of this meeting is to both showcase exemplary case studies of heritage management and develop a comprehensive set of standards for building these practices into future nomination dossiers and management plans. Find out more information on the conference themes, travel arrangements, and professionally led tours at the conference website. We look forward to seeing you in Jishou!

07.30.14 - In response to a growing trend of featuring archaeological excavations in popular media, the following organizations have released a position paper on the ethical and scientific responsibilities of archaeological media:

Australian Archaeological Association

Canadian Archaeological Association

European Association of Archaeologists

ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM)

Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association

Pan African Archaeological Association

World Archaeological Congress

Read it here.

05.27.14 - At the Huangshan Dialogue on UNESCO Designated Places and Sustainable Development in Anhui, China, Douglas Comer presented on 'Aerial and Satellite Remote Sensing for the Understanding and Protection of Cultural World Heritage', highlighting previous work and new applications of remotely sensed data to tourism education and planning at Petra, Jordan.

05.17.14 - In celebration of the 85th anniversary of the discovery of the Peking Man Homo erectus fossil, the Peking Man Site Museum at Zhoukoudian held an International Symposium on Conservation, Research and Make Use of World Cultural Heritage. Douglas Comer was invited to present on 'Tourism, Authenticity, and Economcis at World Heritage Sites' as an comparative perspective on China's growing list of World Heritage Sites and management needs.

  Douglas Comer in Zhoukoudian, China

04.04.14 - ICAHM Co-President Douglas Comer will present on remote sensing applications for archaeological heritage research and management at the Digital Future of World Heritage symposium in Rome, Italy. In collaboration with Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the University of Notre Dame and the UNESCO World Heritage Center present a forum for engaging emerging technologies with traditional lines of research and developing management needs. Dr. Comer's contribution will highlight new advances in detection-based modeling of site distribution and the planning implications for the next generation of remote sensing platforms.

07.20.12 - The Menorca Statement on the Development and Use of Best Practices in the Management of Archaeological World Heritage Sites draws principally from discussions held at and subsequent to the FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BEST PRACTICES IN WORLD HERITAGE: ARCHAEOLOGY.

The conference was held on the Island of Menorca, in Spain, 9 through 13 April 2012. It was organized by the Complutense University of Madrid, sponsored by the Council of Menorca Island (Balearic Islands, Spain), and planned in coordination with the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM). The conference was the largest ever assembled for the express purpose of enhancing the caliber of archaeological heritage management.

The Statement makes public the intent by ICAHM to develop best practices for the management of archaeological heritage. ICAHM now invites broad participation in the development of these best practices by all ICOMOS scientific committees, in particular ICTC (cultural tourism) and ICORP (risk preparedness), as well as by recognized professional associations of archaeologists around the world.

It will be the position of ICAHM that nominations to the World Heritage List should describe how the nominated site will adhere to these best practices, upon their completion and dissemination.

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02.20.12 - ICAHM's 2012 Annual Meeting: The UNESCO World Heritage Convention on its 40th Anniversary, Cuzco, Peru, 27-30 November 2012 ICAHM has chosen Cuzco, Peru as the location of its 2012 annual meeting because the historic district of Cuzco is a World Heritage site and the gateway to the archaeological site of Machu Picchu, also on the World Heritage List. But this meeting does not deal specifically with Cuzco or Peru. This is an international meeting in focus and participation, as are all of ICAHM’s annual meetings.

  Machu Picchu, Peru

Among the worldwide issues for consideration at this meeting are local stakeholder claims on archaeological heritage; sustainable development and community sustainability; tourism pressures and site preservation; heritage and rights; challenges to the validity and value of the World Heritage List as it quickly approaches 1,000 inscribed sites; the World Heritage List decision-making process; impacts of war, civil disorder, and natural disasters on archaeological sites; technical advances in archaeological heritage management, etc.

Download our Cuzco Conference flyer! Find out what to see and do, where to stay, and learn about Cuzco, Macchu Pichu, and the Sacred Valley!

For registration, abstract submission instructions, and additional conference information, CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR CUZCO CONFERENCE WEBSITE.

08.23.09 - In the spirit of the international cooperation that is essential to our work, and in cognizance of the magnitude of work that lies before us, the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM) now has two Presidents. We have been elected for a three-year term, during which our primary goal will be to reshape ICAHM along the lines set out by the Eger-Xi'an Principles. The Eger-Xi'an Principles enlarge the role that scientific committees play in ICOMOS. Read the complete message here.

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Archaeological Dimension of World Heritage, edited by Alicia Castillo. This book presents exemplary models of heritage management in World Heritage properties as well as outlining best practices associated with this distinction by drawing on case studies from around the world.

The Management Of Cultural World Heritage Sites And Development in Africa, edited by Simon Makuvaza. Since the signing of the World Heritage Convention in 1972, only 43 sites have been successfully nominated in Africa. This volume highlights current and future directions in the managment of African World Heritage sites, with special scruitiny given to the role of international economic development.

The Management Of Cultural World Heritage Sites And Development in Africa, edited by Simon Makuvaza. Since the signing of the World Heritage Convention in 1972, only 43 sites have been successfully nominated in Africa. This volume highlights current and future directions in the managment of African World Heritage sites, with special scruitiny given to the role of international economic development.

An Archaeology of the Margins, by Augusto Jose Farrujia de la Rosa. This volume situates the Canary Island as a case study in the management of indigenous heritage and understanding 'heritage' in colonial European contexts.

Managing, Using, and Interpreting Hadrian's Wall as World Heritage, edited by Peter Stone and David Brough. Hadrian's wall became on of the first two parts of the transnational 'Frontiers of the Roman Empire' World Heriage Site in 2005. This volume presents the management strategies employed in the unusual cases of extremely large and multinational heritage sites.

Mapping Archaeological Landscapes from Space, edited by Douglas Comer and Michael Harrower. In observance of the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention, this volume offers a concise, technical introduction to aerial and spaceborne imagery and geospatial techniques for research and management purposes.

The Archaeology of Interdepedence, by Douglas Comer.

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